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“I am so grateful to Dr.Priyanka for the kind, insightful and empowering way she helped me discover the strengths I already had, but didn’t recognize. Over the course of our sessions, I learned how to communicate more effectively with my child.”

Dr. Ritu, Gynecologist

“Dr. Priyanka has helped me put the joy back in parenting. She laid out a simple parenting tips & actions that was easy to implement and made a huge improvement in our son’s behavior.”

Megha, Mom of two

“Working with Dr.Priyanka was the best investment we made last year. The improvement in our quality of family life is priceless.”

Bhanashree, Mompreneur

“Dr.Priyanka quickly figured out where we were in our parenting; figured out where we were stuck & helped us take the next step. What we learned with Priyanka and the changes we made have endured in our family.”

Aarti, Educator

“We are so grateful to Dr.Priyanka for her expertise and guidance. We learned many parenting tools that we use daily with our children. We feel more equipped to handle tantrums and to empathize with our children.​”

Palak, Consultant & Lecturer

“After taking coaching sessions from my Priyanka, I feel like a completely transformed parent. The insights, tools, and support I received have helped me navigate parenting challenges with confidence and grace.”

Reshmaa Ajbani, Luxury Lifestyle Influencer

“We are so grateful to Dr. Priyanka for as we have learned many parenting tools that we use daily with our children. We feel more equipped to handle tantrums and to empathize with our children.”

Palak Chaudhary, Blogger

“Thank you Priyanka for such a wonderful session. It really helped and pushed me to think about and understand my own values which I never did before. It has reinforced the idea that nothing happens automatically, we reap what we sow. I have always been highly inspired by your family culture.”

Prerna Sinha, Influencer

“I have never in my life come across someone who does a family goals workshop. It is such a simple idea yet so powerful. The last 14 months have made us realise the value of family and family time. Hence the relevance of this workshop is higher than ever. Am am super thrilled to have embarked this journey with my family thanks to the guidance of Coach Priyanka.”

Ira Jain, Founder of Vuja De
Best part of her Workshops are that they are full of real life examples & we can relate to them

“Last week I had attended the workshop conducted by Dr. Priyanka who is a Parent Coach. I was looking forward for this workshop since long time and finally was able to attend it. The best part of this workshop is that it was so much related to our real life examples and Coach Priyanka was so precise in explaining how to give quality time to children and how to divide equal attention to both kids keeping in mind their likes and dislikes.”

Lajja Parikh, Metaphor Therapist

“Your entire program is like weaving everyone in the family together into a beautiful story… where the goal is set. All the characters are taken individually, and made a very important part of that weave. The most beautiful part is where Family Goals came alive. Every parent must do this program. It is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Divya Siotia, Mom of twin boys

“After your program, we stopped sending our 6 yr old to tuitions. He started listening to us much more. We started spending good quality time with him. We were actually listening to him, trying to understand him, rather than just telling him. We realized we needed to change in ourself. We became a space for him to vent out, laugh, speak, and everything. We can see lots of change in our son after attending your session.”

Ashitha & Subhash, Thane, Mumbai

“This program will change the way you think as a parent. I am getting less frustrated whenever I spend extra time with my kids. I take it up as a happy experience, rather than complaining and cribbing.”


Video Testimonials

I now have Visual Map to my goals & big picture of it
– Palak
Transforming Family Goals Together
– Dr. Ritu
Take away – Self Love is a priority
– Sonam

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Schools / Colleges / Institutes

Elevating student well-being: Partnering with educational organizations for parenting success.

Chatrabhuj Narsee School

JBCN International School

Witty International School

NMIMS Institute of Management Studies

Rotary Rising Stars Mumbai

Sanjeevani World School

K.G. Somaiya College

TAC(Toddler Activity Center) Worli

Mango Tree (Worli)

Six Seconds

Zeiki Institute


Elite Clubs/Groups

Nurturing leaders, fostering family harmony: Parenting coaching for elite communities.


Lean In Mumbai

Lodha Group


Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Rotary Rising Stars Mumbai

Mitra Club of Jhunjhunu

Six Seconds

Rotary North End Mumbai

Young Presidents’ Organization