Parenting Breakthrough Program

Duration – 21 Day Challenge

Welcome to the “Stop YELLING, Start CONNECTING” 21-Day Challenge, where we’re turning parenting into a joyous adventure! Remember, it’s not about being a perfect parent, but a connected one.

Ready for the ultimate parenting upgrade?

Introducing the Parenting Breakthrough Program – your 21-day ticket to a stress-free, joy-filled adventure in parenting! Wave goodbye to stress and say hello to genuine connections with your little ones. Find that magical sweet spot between work and family life, all while mastering the art of quality time with your kiddos.
Join our program, your trusted ally in transforming you into the gentle, nurturing parent you’ve always aspired to be! Craft unforgettable, positive moments that will be cherished by your little ones for a lifetime. Say goodbye to bedtime worries, and let the warmth of a loving, HAPPY HOME be the backdrop for your family’s story.


Inside the Parenting Breakthrough Program, you’ll find a treasure trove of daily adventures, expert-led workshops, a supportive parent community, a resource-rich toolkit, personalized coaching, and exclusive bonus content – all carefully crafted to transform your parenting journey into a joyous, stress-free adventure!


This program is not just about parenting; it’s about empowering you to create a happier, more connected family life. Here are the reasons why you should join:

  • 1. Organize Your Time

    Transform daily routines with time-saving tips, granting moms an extra hour of well-deserved me-time bliss!

  • 2. Double Your Energy

    Revitalize mornings, embracing each day with boundless energy and a refreshed zest for life’s adventures!

  • 3. Build Powerful Routines

    Nurture lasting positivity in your children by cultivating habits that shape happy, resilient, and confident individuals.

  • 4. Learn Effective Communication

    Forge a genuine connection with your child to foster attentive listening, building trust and meaningful communication.

  • 5. Harmony With Your Spouse

    Resolve conflicts, fortify understanding, and cultivate a resilient partnership for a harmonious and thriving relationship.

  • 6. End Tantrums at Home

    Cultivate love and peace, creating a harmonious haven for joy and serenity to thrive effortlessly.

  • 7. Break Screen Addiction

    Nurture unwavering confidence in your child, providing a foundation for resilience, self-assurance, and limitless potential.


Today’s VIP ticket to parenting paradise includes FREE bonuses worth INR 39,999/- Don’t miss out!

  • 1Lifetime Access to Champion Parents Community
  • 2Your Yell Less Plan E-book
  • 3Mindfulness Meditation Audio Bundle for Moms & Kids
  • 4Champion Mom Monthly Challenges
  • 5Your Parenting Toolkit
  • 6Goal Setting E-book
  • 7The 10 Most Common Mom Challenges Video Bundle
  • 8Twin Hearts Mom & Me E-Journal
  • 9Breaking Your Child’s Screen Addiction Module
  • 10Champion Mom’s Wellness Toolkit
  • 11Lifetime Access to Podcast: Become the Best Version of Yourself

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