Why Life Coaching?

Becoming a parent is natural. Parenting is not.

The tough thing about parenting is that you have to do all the training on the job. It is like a startup -as your child grows, you grow. That is why we continue to seek advice and support from books, doctors, elders, and Google.

But with the advent of the Digital age, life has changed quite a bit. Our families are much smaller, no more close-knit communities, overload of information is available at the tip of our fingers, climate change, pandemic times, burnout, and mounting stress.

We used to have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and good next door neighbors to turn to with our parenting woes. But today we are so busy. There’s hardly even time to wave to the parent of our child’s friend. More and more we are isolated in our own homes.

We are turning more and more to social media and google for guidance, which is putting us under more pressure and creating unhealthy comparisons. We are running in a constant race to become super parents, yet feel more confused and doubtful. I, as your parenting coach, totally understand your feelings. Being a mother of two, born and brought up in a joint family, having lived in multiple parts of the world – I have gained years of experience working with kids & parents from across the globe. I use my full expertise and time-tested techniques to empower parents.

You’re In The Right Place.

I will help you clarify what is it you really want your relationships with your kids to look like, and give you the right tools to create deeper fulfilling connection for your family. I give you the space to help you really be the parent you want to be. Because no one size fits all in parenting. I start off by helping you clarify what your values are, goals are, and what experiences you wish to create with your kids. We work together to understand the nuances of your situation and help you grow as a family, rather than trying to fix you. I will give you positive strategies to help shift behavior, help you cope with your own emotions, and be more mindful. This space gives you the confidence to nurture your family the way you really wish to.

As a coach, my job is to pull out what is in you, so you can be your very best person and your very best parent. I listen for what is the core issue that is really giving you a hard time–whether that is at home or out in the world–and help bring it into clear focus. When we are in conflict with our kids, it is almost never just about the mess, the back talk, or the homework not done. Together we will find the common thread and address the meta issue.

Last but not the least, I am there just for you, to hold your hand, to listen for what is underneath your stories, to keep the big picture in mind, to connect you over and over again to your true values.

And I promise to honor your bold vision for your family. Always.

Do we really know what we want from this journey of parenthood?

Why Transformational Life Coaching?

The Transformational Life Coaching approach includes working with Behaviors, Beliefs, the Self and creating self-awareness, self-mastery and presence leading to growth and evolution in personal and professional areas.
Personal Growth Areas Life Coaching works with:


Personal Development, Self-Leadership


Self Management, Responsiveness, Being Calm


Exercise, Nutrition, Self-care


Self, Family, Life Partner, Children, Parents, Relatives


Job satisfaction, Career Growth, Leadership


Friends & Society


Self-expression, Creative Expression


Being and Becoming, Finding Meaning, Peace, Stillness

Benefits of Transformational Life Coaching

  • 1Enhanced Self Awareness
  • 2Create more Balanced Life
  • 3Step into your Authenticity
  • 4Overcome your fears and gain confidence
  • 5Achieve personal & professional goals with ease
  • 6Grow in your career
  • 7Find your True Purpose and Gifts
  • 8Realize your True Essence and Potential
  • 9Align with your Deeper Values
  • 10Discover Your Purpose & Strengths
  • 11Release trauma, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns
  • 12Finding your true happiness
  • 13Increased confidence to express your own unique gifts and talents
  • 14Inspired vision and action plans towards meaningful personal goals
  • 15Increased trust in your own inner wisdom and natural abilities

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The Inner Transformation Coaching process focuses on the person you wish to be.

The primal question is “Who do you choose to be? and the work is to discover it from the inner essence.